A deer boy who was born in Nara, ”ROKU” is very honest and always thoughtful and kind to everyone.
He loves playing and sweets are his favorite.
He has many friends and a lot of things happen everyday around him.
he and his friends laugh, cry, get angry, and be happy again by turns in their daily life. Let’s take a look at the “ROKU” world a bit.

ROKU and His Friends

There are many friends in the world where ROKU lives in.
We introduce the main characters here.

  • I want to spend the time
    happily with my friends,
    and always be smile☺

    He is a deer boy born in Nara Park. He loves playing and eating.
    He is in love with “HANA” who is the most popular girl around his friends.
    He is spoiled crybaby, but has a tender heart and special ability to be able to make friends with anyone.
  • I want to be always
    beautiful like flowers♡

    She is a deer girl who is the most popular among the boys.
    She likes flowers very much.
    She is always cheerful and has many friends.
    She is kind of day-dreamer.
    Somehow, She can’t stop thinking of ROKU.
    She may have feelings for him.
  • I am my own master.
    I am always No.1.

    He is a white deer boy born in Hiroshima Pref.
    He is ROKU’s rival about anything.
    He is kind of dull boy when he was in Hiroshima,
    but after he moved in Nara, he is very popular among the girls.
    He loves himself and easily elated.
    He also likes teasing, but everyone can’t hate him.
  • It is my pleasure
    to be helpful to everyone♡

    She is a guardian god of Nara.
    She is very friendly and loves talking.
    She's always busy in other people's affairs because she wants to be always helpful to other people,
    but it’s often too much for them.
  • I like doing something steadily.
    I am proud of myself.

    KAMEKICHI is a turtle who has lived in Sarusawa-ike pond for long long time.
    He has lived so long that he knows a lot of things. ROKU always asks him for advice.
    He lives for saving money. As the rumor says, he has considerable savings.
  • I pray for peaceful world
    for my students.

    He is a teacher of the school that ROKU and his friends go to.
    He is nice and very playful.
    He has deep deep affection to his students.
    He is really scary when he gets mad, but no one has seen him angry yet.
  • I can forget anything bad
    when I see the deers.

    She loves deers, and only thing that she’s interested in is deers.
    She always wears the same favorite parka and walks around Nara park.
    Actually, she can talk with the deers,
    so the deers depend on her like their real sister.

The History of “ROKU”

Did you know that “ROKU” and his friends have been born in 2008 yet??
It is still shallow history, but let’s look back on the history from ROKU’s birth to the recent days.


We described the illustration of a deer in handwriting as store POP on the windowpane of a Knick-Knack store. Then the illustration generated reactions among people who visit there. The illustration drawn at that time had become the model of ROKU.


We made a post card based on the illustration we draw on the windowpane.This was the firtst memorable product of us. Then we named this character “ROKU”. The name “ROKU" is from Japanese Kanji “鹿” that means deers. We read “鹿” “ROKU” with its original Chinese pronunciation

2009 年 ー 2012

We had produced many goods like character badges, bags, ball-point pens, mugs, towels and so on. And also we had started to produce the collaborative goods with other corporations and shops since then.


We had opened up real shop, “space ROKU” for interacting space of the illustrator and fans.Present.

Information about
「space ROKU -HOME-」

space ROKU -the 3rd street-から場所を移転し、生まれ変わった「space ROKU -HOME-」


Nara 630-8374, Japan
Google MAP >>

ROKU SHOP Supports orders from overseas!!!

space ROKUに展示・販売しきれない商品たちが並びます。



Partnership Opportunities

We are looking for business partners within Japan and overseas who are interested in developing the following:
・Retail dealers for “ROKU” related products
・Co-plannning of new goods
If you are interested in these, we'd like to inform you of a condition and the details for business partnerships.Please feel free to contact us for further information.
Our contact information is below.

※It may not be available depending on usage, a type of industry, and a business condition. Please approve it beforehand.
※Please send us a message again, if you don’t get reply from us in 3 working days.
※We can reply to overseas customers in 3 to 7 working days. (If you send the message in Japanese, our reply would be relatively fast.)




Please contact us on the phone only if you can use
Japanese or contact us from Japan. (Available at 10:00 am~6:00 pm )

On December, 2013, we finally visited Taiwan where we’ve always wanted to go to. After the trip, we could join the trade show. And many people from taiwan visit our real shop “space ROKU” in Nara, Japan to see “ROKU”. We appreciate that so much!! Thank you!! We decided to join the trade show on April, 2015, too!!
We are excited about seeing you in Taiwan!! We hope create the “ROKU world”
in Taiwan someday in near future...

amanojack design  / 4F GrandAir, 14-1 Ogawa-cho, Nara 630-8233, Japan  /  Tel.  0742-81-8277  / E-mail  


「ROKU」×「GlobalMall環球購物中心」X'mas Events

我們amanojack design創作的角色「ROKU」被台灣環球購物中心(Global Mall)選為期間限定的形象角色。作爲「ROKU×Global Mall」,開始協助店面或網站等等的活動。
活動期間,在板橋店我們會先賣還未在日本發售的很多ROKU的商品!如果想知道更多消息,請到ROKU的FB或是Globall Mall的FB確認最新情報!

<展覽期間> 2015.11.27 〜 2016.1.6
<展出地點> 環球購物中心(板橋店、中和店、新竹世博店、屏東店、新左營店)

web site    http://www.twglobalmall.com/

【EVENTS01】ROKU小鹿 見面會

<展覽期間> 中和店:2015年12月12日18:00開始、新竹世博店:2015年12月13日14:30開始、屏東店:2015年12月15日15:00開始、板橋店:2015年12月12日15:00開始
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<展覽期間> 板橋店:2015年12月13日15:00開始
<展出地點> 環球購物中心 板橋店 2F CENTRE PLAZA

web site    http://www.twglobalmall.com/index.aspx?stid=TWB1


在台灣舉辦的「2015樂活熊城市嘉年華」當中,其中一個角色「LOHAS BEAR」是由我們amanojack design擔任角色設計。另外,在活動中我們的角色「ROKU」也會和「LOHA BEAR」一起出現唷! 因爲有台灣和日本、中華民國台灣泰迪熊協會和amanojack design的友好關係,在台中和台北到處都能看見我們所設計的角色!

<展覽地點/日期(1)> 台中公園2015年12月12日(六)~2016年1月14日(四)
<展覽地點/日期(2)> 士林官邸2016年01月16日(六)~2016年2月18日(四)

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